This needs no excuse

27 June 2009

This is the third time I’ve started one of these things.  The first was some while ago and was more or less a joke (or at least I hope so – I thought it was quite funny at the time).  If you read it – and you oughn’t – you will see just how deluded I was when I was in high school.  Charming?  Perhaps.  But deluded nonetheless.

The second one was somewhat more recent. It was a better effort, but like too many it fell victim to my own pomposity – and subsequently lack of ambition – and fell by the wayside.  I probably stand by everything I said on it.  (Especially the part about attacking Russia.)  But then I say many things.

There should be something introductory about a blog’s first entry.  This is that.  I stated it well enough, if long-windedly enough, here. Having learned a bit from the experience of getting bored with myself, and to spare you the trouble of wading through five hundred words about Montaigne, I’ll summarize it now:

This blog is about everything.

Hence the title.  It’s boilerplate from when I set the thing up.  But I decided that it was appropriately apt and Sartrean and blah blah blah to co-opt it as a statement of principle.  And until it bores me, so it will remain.

That said – away we go.


2 Responses to “This needs no excuse”

  1. Sapphic Owl Says:

    Why can I not add your feed?

  2. I don’t know – I’m still pretty new to this. I checked the settings but I don’t think I caught whatever’s wrong. If you have any ideas, I’ll try to correct it. I’m glad you think it’s worth setting on your feed in any case!

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