Where were they then?

11 September 2009

It’s always a sick little secret pleasure for me to watch old/older movies and see celebrities, especially actors, in unexpected microscopic roles from long before they were famous.  (This happens frequently as I’m uncomfortable with anything less than five years old.)  Just from the last week:

  • Taub and Cuddy from House as a couple on a date in Jack Nicholson’s restaurant in As Good As It Gets; and
  • Oscar from The Office as a security guard who calls a cable repairman at Edward Norton’s house in the remake of The Italian Job

Feel free to post others.  I’ll add more as I see them, since it means I can post without actually writing anything.

A blogger I am become!


One Response to “Where were they then?”

  1. […] Wing. Moseying my way through it I saw – though it had lingered as a distant memory – the now-ubiquitous Dr. Cuddy engaged in a bizarre career lacuna in which, sandwiched between undergrad and a brilliant […]

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