It’s still no substitute for national pride… I guess

17 November 2009


This weekend the tiny (tiny?  I don’t really have much point of reference) African nation of Cameroon completed its World Cup qualifying run, thanks in large part to the efforts of world-class player Samuel Eto’o.  But the team-spirited Eto’o didn’t want his team to feel overshadowed.  So he bought them watches.

$50,000 watches.

From his own line of specialty watches.

I think the world here is – baller.


2 Responses to “It’s still no substitute for national pride… I guess”

  1. […] meanwhile, crept through on the strength of Samuel Eto’o and his many watches. In seriousness they displayed a good record and have an unusually deep bench with lots of players […]

  2. […] during the half Villa coach Martin O’Neill offered/threatened to buy the entire team Samuel Eto’o’s watches and the effect was immediate and electric. Three goals followed in ten minutes, two of them from […]

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