Thoughts, 9 November

10 November 2009

  • I enjoy it when a man named Boehner is sloppy about pronouncing his words. I did not enjoy it, however, when I discovered that he isn’t the congressman that represents the town in Glee.
  • When fire drills occur, people who leave the building after an allotted times should be directed into “corpse zones.” They should be informed that had this been an actual fire, they would be statistically dead, and should then be taunted by those who were more prompt.
  • I have not once heard anyone talk ironically about Kak√°.
  • I don’t like to think of myself as unemployed. I prefer to think of employment as unhuman. Of course continued unemployment will make me unhuman, too, so in a sense I have already lost.

As I while away the day recovering from a rather nasty Category 2 hangover – remind me to do my Saffir-Simpson Hangover Scale sometime – I stumbled onto something extraordinary on YouTube.

Accomplishments of this video:

  • Making Michele Bachmann sound coherent
  • Making John Boehner sound pleasant, rather like a minor country-music star
  • Making Nancy Pelosi sound even more like an animate computer
  • Making the climate bill interesting