Dear Fellow American:

I want to talk to you about something close to my heart.


Did you know that Barack Obama once took Russian classes?  YES.

Now, in Washington, Obama and his band of revolutionary socialist Wall Street mafiosi are putting together a plan to transform America from the boundless paradise envisioned by our Founders.

Obama has a different vision. Obama wants a country where government can come into your house whenever it wants, for whatever reason it wants – except if you want to be GAY MARRIED.

He wants to take your health insurance and give it to drug addicts.

He wants to PAY those drug addicts to abort your children.

He wants to gay marry your ABORTED CHILDREN.

Obama’s future is black indeed.

As a patriot, a lover of freedom, a God-fearing American, a veteran of the 403rd Technical Clerical Brigade Group of the Florida Air National Guard Reserve and a proud father of between one and three young children, I’m deeply concerned.

But there’s HOPE, friends. And not the kind draped in a rainbow flag and very little else.

WE THE PEOPLE, and the people who we are, can stop the Obama Agenda.

That’s where you come in. I pray and beseech earnestly the Lord above, Holy be His name, that you’ll send me $35.

Barack Obama is a radical liberal who is so radical that even liberals are frightened of his radicalism. Barack Obama is the most radical figure to occupy the presidency since radicalism began in 1933.

Barack Obama wants government to control business, inmates to control prison and children to control daycare. He wants to devolve government power to his cronies in far-left pressure groups and raise taxes to pay them for it. He wants to take out a mortgage against America – FROM CANADA.

He wants the government to slide its warm, wet, slithery tentacles into the untouched sanctuary of the American home. He wants to invade your most sacred of places until you and your family are utterly BROKEN.

Most of all Barack Obama wants to completely destroy the only thing keeping America straight – conservatism. He wants to BREAK us, too, FORCEFULLY and WITHOUT MERCY.

Just consider Obama’s ties with the Sierra Club.

For years Obama has conferred with, supported and even listened to the Sierra Club and their anarchist supporters.

So close is Obama with the Sierra Club that he adopted a spotted owl – AS HIS PRESS SECRETARY.

But the Sierra Club is an organization of only the most pungent and rank EVIL, who have been investigated for hatred against America in at least 52 states. Its workers have been repeatedly charged with inciting underage illegal alien baby animals to violence against their human masters.

Yet Obama not only supports them – he relies on them to pass his budget.

They are just one of the many tools in his arsenal of hate. He uses them because he doesn’t just want to stop us…


That’s the reason he’s pushing for ObamaCare.

Once every American has health care, Obama will have our Founding Fathers at his mercy. He will do with them what he pleases. Their dreams, their desires – he will control them mind, body, and if he likes, soul.


This black day for America can get blacker still.

There aren’t enough of us in Congress to halt Obama’s march to destruction. Somehow, because of trickery, manipulation and terror, congressional Republicans are almost irrelevant.

But I’m fighting back against Obama’s sinister shinkansen to socialism.

And I need your $35.

The American Conservative Unity Network Taskforce (ACUN Taskforce) is resisting the Obama agenda.

We aren’t just supporting ANY Republican candidate…

We are dedicated to electing only the most HARD BOTTOMED conservative leaders of tomorrow.

Our fightback has to begin right where American democracy has always lived – in the United States Congress.

Now OF COURSE you OBVIOUSLY see that what we’re doing needs your donation of $35, $37.50, $42.25, $46.94, $53.o1 or $55,100.

There’s almost no time left! Quick!

Only you can stop Obama’s plan to destroy the legacy of RONALD REAGAN. Barack Obama is the ANTIREAGAN.

Ronald Reagan’s love of our country, commitment to freedom, and completely unimpeachable commitment to virtue saved America…


But now Obama wants to try again. I’m not giving in. I’m going to stand and fight to the bitter end.

This battle is happening today!

But it won’t be easy.

To fight we need the ACUN Taskforce to mobilize within the next 48 hours.

We can pull the snow-white rug of justice right out from under the dark feet of oppression if…

1) You sign that support pledge thing.

2) You send back IMMEDIATE REINFORCEMENT of $35, or even as much as $52.13, $74.94 or $119,050.

The more you help, the less America suffers.

It’s just that simple.

Your American friend,

Peter Wahlberg

P.S. ACUN Taskforce is a unique group dedicated to halting Obama’s march to the gulags.

We need your help! So please sign the pledge thing and send it back WITH YOUR MOST GENEROUS GIFT of $35, $67.82, $348.90 or $167,600.

As I while away the day recovering from a rather nasty Category 2 hangover – remind me to do my Saffir-Simpson Hangover Scale sometime – I stumbled onto something extraordinary on YouTube.

Accomplishments of this video:

  • Making Michele Bachmann sound coherent
  • Making John Boehner sound pleasant, rather like a minor country-music star
  • Making Nancy Pelosi sound even more like an animate computer
  • Making the climate bill interesting

(Census) Taken

29 June 2009

One of the senior crazies in Congress, Representative Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota), gave an interview a few days ago.  The Minnesota Star Tribune reported on it a few days ago. Commenting about the US Census,  which she is partly responsible for managing as a representative of the people, she had this to say:

“I’m saying, for myself and my family, our comfort level is we will comply with the Constitution Article I Section II… We will give the number of people in our home, and that’s where we’re going to draw the line.”

She continued, channelling the Founders:

“I’m saying, for myself and my family, our comfort level is we will comply with the Constitution Article I Section II,” Bachmann told a Fox News interviewer. “We will give the number of people in our home, and that’s where we’re going to draw the line.”

Incidentally, Article I, Section ii deals with the method of electing the President.  There’s not really anything there about the census, or even about the number of senators and representatives to which a state is entitled (which is what determines electors).  But as it turns out it doesn’t matter anyway:

In her interview, Bachmann said that “Americans are being compelled to give this information” in violation of the Constitution. She added: “I’m not encouraging Americans not to fill out the census.”

She goes on to suggest that the Census was (indirectly) the cause of Japanese internment.  I’ll let you plumb those depths if you like, but my stomach was insufficiently strong for the shit she was serving.  I would like only to make a couple of comments, as doubtless the congressman is desperately concerned with what I have to say and will be coming by just as soon as I post it:

  1. You’re in Congress.  If you don’t like how the Census is managed, fix it.  Or at least make it so it’s not a federal crime to fail to complete the survey.  The least you can do if you don’t think the law is right is to change it.
  2. You’re in Congress.  If you choose not to fill out the Census, which is a public activity and a public service, and you go on TV saying all of these things about why, you are encouraging people to follow suit.  You can’t give a “j/k” at the end and create a bubble around yourself.  I don’t mean to be Sartrean, because philosophy makes political types a bit sweaty, but there’s not much you can do in public life without asserting that it’s the right thing to do.  The fact that you do it, or don’t, is a statement to other people.  If you think there should be a census, but not that it should be filled out (or that you shouldn’t have to), then either it makes you very special… or it makes you very special.
  3. You should stop buying groceries.  They carry the mark of the beast.