Is Chong on location?

13 August 2009

Methinks maybe RealClearWorld is too clever by half this evening.


Even better is that both pieces are interviews conducted for them by the same guy, RCW editor Samuel Chi.  Of course I’m of South African stock, so the first thing I see in a given situation tends to be slightly racist.

That said both articles, an interview with Wall Street Journal Beijing bureau chief Frank Ching and author and Forbes columnist Gordon Chang, are quite incisive and interesting.  Enjoy.


Apocalypse later

6 August 2009

The usual cottage industry of predicting the demise of all-that-we-know in the face of difficult times is once again in full swing.  Check out this index of American doomsdays from Slate.  And then you can read about a well-educated Russian who actually believes it.  Granted he’s not the only one – but he is the most specific I’ve seen.  As such he’s the most wrong.

Courtesy RealClearWorld.