Through a roundabout circuit – online mind drift, if you like – that took me from a friend’s pictures of Sweden to an expatriate Facebook group to a blog that included a Daily Show clip responding to the whole Fox News “road to socialism” meme which apparently excoriated Obama and Democrats with such zingers as, “Do you want America to become Sweden?” (Answer: yes.)  In the event included in that post was a Glenn Beck blubberthon about America’s socialist future which led me sadomasochistically to run a YouTube search on him in the effort to get my blood up.

And then I found this:

This is not the first video I’ve seen of Shepard Smith that I’ve appreciated.  The first was when he accidentally talked about giving Jennifer Lopez a blow job.  I remember him recovering gracefully, which is always a plus in my book.  And then, of course, the torture remarks.  On the one hand, you can fault a journalist for failing to maintain not objectivity – a goal which is as misguided and perverse as it is dangerous – but his coolness when discussing a subject.  But then the segment wasn’t journalistic, it was a discussion based on opinion, and I find it heartening that someone on cable news – not merely on Fox News – can be so passionate about the subject.

But these comments on Glenn Beck, which had another Fox personality whose name escapes me excoriating him on the air, were phenomenal.  Highlights:

Behind our building, there’s a big jib camera, there are people standing in line waiting for whatever this thing is – I bet they’re serving food.  They might have food.

[…] There’s an enormous event happening here in an hour, and I can’t wait, and if people want to – think I’m a hater because of that, then… *blubbers*

[…] We are here to celebrate, worship and adore.  We have the twelve principles and the nine things and the fear chamber and the whole darn thing!

Now I know I’m seeing this several months late.  But then I don’t control the speed at which things reach me, and I like what I like.  And these days, I like Shep Smith.