Rap and international relations: an intellectual jaunt

23 July 2009

He should nuke the fuckers

He should nuke the fuckers

A couple of brainiacs on the nerd patrol, operating under the ridiculous misapprehension that lessons about global politics can be derived from popular culture, decided to do a study about the clash of powers in the rap world and the parallels between challenges by smaller and middle powers towards hegemonic figures.

Ridiculous, as I said. Rappers actually earn their social positions.

I stole the link from my friend Alison. Kudos.

One Response to “Rap and international relations: an intellectual jaunt”

  1. Rich Says:

    The article is bullshit, especially considering the Nas v. Jay-Z Beef:


    Ether is probably the most famous diss track/nuclear warhead of all time.

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